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Nano-Link Educator Workshop Survey 

Purpose of the Survey: McREL International, an independent evaluation firm, is working with Nano-Link to determine whether Nano-Link efforts are on track to meet established goals. Because you participated in a Nano-Link Educator Workshop, we ask that you complete this survey about your perceptions of this workshop. This survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Protecting Your Rights: Participation in this survey is voluntary and does not involve any risks above those normally encountered in daily life. For example, the Internet is not a secure medium, but there is no greater risk to you for completing the online survey than what they you normally encounter when providing information via the Internet. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to survey questions. If you decide that you do not want to finish taking the survey, you can stop at any time—even if you have already started. However, your experiences and feedback are important and we ask that you complete the entire survey.

About Your Privacy: Your responses to this survey are confidential. McREL evaluators are the only people who will handle survey data. Data will be reported to Nano-Link program staff and funders at the aggregate level, not at the individual level. Please note that Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) do have the authority to inspect consent records and data files only to assure compliance with approved procedures.

Nano-Link would also like to use open-ended responses for promotional purposes. Feedback used for promotional purposes will not be associated with any identifying information.

Benefits: There are no direct benefits to individuals for participating in this survey and there is no compensation for your participation; however, our evaluation will provide crucial information to Nano-Link staff to help them improve workshops presented to educators across the nation.

Questions: If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact Jesse Rainey, Research Specialist at McREL (303.632.5590;  For information on the protection of your rights as a participant, please contact Karen Bumgardner (800.624.9120, ext. 5841;


In order to proceed, we require your consent.


If you agree to participate in this survey, please click “Yes, I agree” below.  By doing so, you are indicating that you have read the information on this page and that you voluntarily agree to participate in the survey. If you decline to participate in the survey, click “No, I do not agree” below.